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Here's What Customers Are Saying. . . 

System Works Very Well For Our Organization . . .

“The Shadow Player Training System and Drill Towers work very well for our organization and the many basketball players in our skill development programs.  Many of our coaches use this effective and easy to use tool in their weekly team practices.  I would recommend the Shadow Player Training System to any coach or player that wants their time spent on the court to be most effective, while taking their fundamental development to the next level.”

Ivan Nugent
Owner, Director of Basketball Operations
Kansas City Sports Academy

Our Coaches Like The Versatility Of The System . . .

“KC Select has been using the Shadow Player Training System at our team practices for all of our youth female players, 4-17 years old.  Our kids really enjoy the many drills and game-like court moves we do as we creatively utilize the Drill Towers on the court.  Our players say they have even more fun at practice and the time seems to fly by, while our coaches like the versatility of the system because we can customize drills to meet all skill levels of our many players and take them to the next level.”

Ernest Jones, Head Coach, KC Select Basketball 

Drill Towers are WONDERFUL . . .

"We have been using the Shadow Player Training System in our youth clinics and camps and at our individual skill development sessions.  The Shadow Player Drill Towers are wonderful and can be easily used in many different ways to develop player skills on the court.  The Drill Towers add efficiency to our clinics and camps because of the easy set-up and breakdown. Plus, the custom carrying case is great for our needed portability between multiple gym locations."

Joe Haefner, Breakthrough Basketball  

Works Great!

"The Shadow Player Training System WORKS GREAT for youth basketball skill development.  The system comes with a set of drills that help me tremendously and make my practices more fun and effective.  I am currently using this fun and easy to use training system with my 5th grade daughter to develop her skills and she absolutely loves it!  Thanks! 

Coach D/Kansas City